10 Horror Movies That Are Sure To Give You Chills

Remember those moments when you watched really scary movies that made you crawl under your own skin? I do very vividly and it really isn't an experience I'm willing to share right now. (Its the least I could do to cover up my embarrassing moments lol) The Horror Genre is growing tremendously in the movie... Continue Reading →


Annihilation – Cons and Pros

If you ask me three months later about this movie, I'd tell you I still don't know what its really about. Was it an Alien Movie? Supernatural? Horror? I've seen it and I still can't tell you exactly what it is. Release Date : 13th February, 2018. Genre: Mystery / Fantasy Director: Alex Garland Cast:... Continue Reading →

Best Movies In June(2018)

Its her Bachelorette party and she's got all of her favorite friends to celebrate with. What could go wrong? How about a whole night of Horror and unpleasant adventures? Or comedy and commotion that could make you laugh and scream....

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